Definition of the Project
What is the Global Smart City Test Bed project?
For the IoT-based Smart City Project, which is organized by Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning and centers around Haeundae Centum City, Busan Metropolitan Government and SK Telecom created a consortium to carry out the project for three years from 2015 to 2017.
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  • To build and provide an IoT-based smart city platform
    The project will provide an open platform through which all data created from sensors within the smart city can be collected and shared
  • To provide urban services focused on citizens' experience
    The purpose of the project is to respond to various urban problems (environment, energy saving, traffic) by using the latest ICT and environmentally-friendly technologies. Smart city shares and analyzes data created from sensors and CCTVs installed in various urban facilities through the internet, and provide new information technologies in various fields including energy, traffic, and building anagement, for the purpose of improving quality of life in the city.
  • To improve the city's competitiveness.
    Based on an open system, the project aims to build a sustainable smart city in which citizens and local startups participate in developing the smart city and share ideas.
  • To support globalization as an international city
    The project will support citizens' participation, commercialization, and globalization. It will promote global competitiveness by cooperating with other cities in South Korea and other smart cities around the world.